Who We Are


Has been a life member of the Federation of South India Producer Association(SIPA), Chennai Since 1992 through which organization we get facilitation to export variety of hand- crafted products to several Alternative Trading Organizations in overseas countries like USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan and other countries.

SIPA in addition to marketing also provides Shilpa trading support, design development support as well.

Is a member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), a world body and a member as of WFTO it’s a Asia network in the fair trade movement Founder member of Fair Trade Forum – India (FTF –I), An organization with a national net work of different Category of Fair Trade Producers.

Shilpa works closely with the Regional Design and Technical Development centre, of the Development Commissioner for Handicrafts, thus providing new designs and improved technology and techniques to facilitate ease of work and production of superior products.


Karnataka can well be described as the land of crafts. for over 12 centuries artisans, crafts persons have turned out masterpieces of art in stone, wood, metal and fabric. In recent years however in the absence of Traditional patronage, The lives of artisans have become enmeshed in the coils of hardship and poverty.

Shilpa came into being with the intention of trying to bring about an improvement in their living conditions and to help them to regain both income and self –respect.