Shilpa facilitates marketing of woodcarving, Artistic furniture, Fine lacquer ware, Sandalwood craft, Rosewood Inlay Artistic Clay Items jewelry, Silk & various other creative Items. Such as educational articles, gift and compliments. These are made by artisans and groups associated with Shilpa, providing income to over 230+ artisans and their families. In Shilpa, all our lacquer ware articles including with vegetable dyes which are non- toxic, keeping in mind the safety of children.


Wooden Sharpener Tortoise
Item Code – SH40

Wooden Hand Massager
Item Code – SH296

Wooden Pencil Vase Owl – BIG
Item Code – SH327

Wooden Kum Kum Box – Small
Item Code – SH95

Wooden Kum Kum Box – Big
Item Code – SH96

Wooden Bear Salt and Pepper- S/2
Item Code – SH234

Wooden Duck Salt and Pepper -S/2
Item Code – SH236

Wooden Penguin Salt and Pepper -S/2
Item Code – SH232

Wooden Snow Man Salt and Pepper -S/2
Item Code – SH233

Wooden Bangle -Tricolour S/5
Item Code – SH151

Wooden Bangle-S/5
Item Code – SH143

Wooden Giraffe Pulling
Item Code – SH251

Wooden Pedling Duck – Double
Item Code – SH30

Wooden Doggy
Item Code – SH28

Wooden 3 Coaches Train
Item Code –

Wooden Pot Lady
Item Code – SH395

Police Man – Small
Item Code – SH 285

Police Man – Big
Item Code – SH284

With Tee Light Candle Holder -S/4
Item Code – SH83

Wooden Lac – Elephant Black & Red S/2
Item Code – SH314

Wooden Peocok – Lac
Item Code – SH318

Wooden Joint Wheel
Item Code – SH169

Bottle Vase Krishna – Small
Item Code – SH330

Bottle Special Flower Vase – Big
Item Code – SH3329

Bird Key Chain
Item Code – SH205

Key Chain – Doll with 2 Beads
Item Code – SH396

Key Chain – Doll with 3 Beads
Item Code – SH397

Key Chain – Motu
Item Code – SH398

Spring Ganesh – Small
Item Code – SH387

Bird – 2
Item Code – SH366

Bird – 8
Item Code –

Bird – 9
Item Code – SH372

Bird 11
Item Code – SH 374